Sis and Me


The love that is always there for you. The person that you can always talk to about anything and everything! This is the one person you have several memories with; playing outside in the dirt, riding bicycles, playing with barbies and dress up, getting into your mommies make up (well in our case we wrote all over the toilet with moms lipstick and eyeliner…oops lol a cute home video came out of that fun time tho!) Your sister, no matter what arguments may get in or the grudges you may hold against eachother sometimes, there is still that love for one another. Because we all know its ok for us to pick on our sister but if someone else does it all hell breaks loose! lol you stick by eachother and laugh a little harder through the bad times and enjoy the good times that are here to stay.

So the good times are about to be here tonight!!! A much needed girls night out tonight with my sister. To the movies we shall be going lol 

Today i am- “The Big Sister”

(sister (lefts) me (right)) 


Posted by on March 12, 2011 in sisters