I don’t understand

09 May

Why is it that when we leave someone that we know isn’t good for us we end up missing them? Every little memory of what use to be starts flooding back into your memory and it hurts! If you’re not suppose to be with this person then why are they still popping up in your mind? After knowing they’re not what you want, you sit and think and somehow all the good memories seem to out weigh all the bad ones. But if they’re not good for you why does that happen? Why do we miss what we shouldn’t have? Why can’t it just all disappear and let the hurt go with it? After everything you’ve put into that relationship and not getting anything in return you end it. But then for some reason it clicks in their head that they’re lost you and that they should’ve been doing right all along. Why is does it have to come down to you leaving for someone to want you, to need you, to love you?

Today I am~ frustrated~

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Posted by on May 9, 2011 in "What If"


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